Dr. Lisa's Family Chiropractic And Natural Health Care

Our office treats the body as a whole, identifies toxicities, and gives the body the building blocks necessary to heal and repair and rebuild...NATURALLY!!

Our mission is to provide optimal health and wellness care for the entire family with chiropractic care and natural alternatives to traditional therapy.

The goal is to identify toxicities (foods, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, parasites and candida albicans) and then develop a customized health plan including determining the appropriate nutrition so the body can heal and repair.

Dr. Lisa believes in working with a combination of chiropractic and natural therapies to enhance overall well being and provide relief for the following symptoms

•Carpal tunnel
•Chronic fatigue
•Decreased energy
•Digestive problems
•Joint pain
•Low back pain
•Lung problems
•Sinus problems
•Sore throat
•Weakened immune system
•Weight gain/loss