Lazy Maguro

Lazy Maguro(Official Facebook Page) Japanese Restaurant

Lazy Maguro is a Japanese fusion restaurant located on East Lake Road, Palm Harbor, and we would like to make an exciting experience for our customers every time they come. In Lazy maguro, you will find the most relaxing atmosphere with soft music playing and peaceful decoration so that you will enjoy your cuisine in the most leisurely way. Our sushi is the best creations of Rexley Kwok, who has mastered the art of sushi since 1999. In his creations, you will find the best combination you can put in a biteful piece. We also have fusion style dumpling and our house special drinks are very unique and creative in most delicious way. For example, the "Plum Zengria" and "Lychee Zengria" is the most delicious drinks that you can't find anywhere else but Lazy Maguro.A place is only as good as the person who manage it. Rexley, your master sushi chef, who has been making sushi since 1999, is the one of a few pupils of the legendary chef Hiro Ida San.

Hiro Ida, who was a head chef in Tokyo, immigrated to the United States in 1973. He helped and established numerous Japanese restaurants in the south Florida area, including Sushi Cafe in Sunrise, Taisho and Midori in Boca Raton, etc.

Rexley, who met his mentor in Midori Japanese Restaurant in 1999, has followed Hiro Ida San for 5 years. After fully understanding the Art of Sushi, Rexley has been the master sushi chef in Fuji Japanese Restaurant in Boca Raton, and Jadefire in Hudson Florida.

“Every detail counts. That’s the motto I will always remember from my mentor, and it’s also the objective of how I make sushi. Perfection is what I seek, even as little as a single sushi rice, I will make it as perfect as possible.”

- Rexley Kwok