Private Day Trip: Peterhof With Russian Lunch & Russian Vodka And Exclusive Visit To Special Storeroom And Emperors Bath House

Explore UNESCO-listed Peterhof, magnificent and incredible Grand Fontaine Complex, which has been conceived by Russian Tsar Peter the Great as "Russian Versailles". As you travel, see astonishing gardens and fabulous fountains that inspired so many of masterpieces. Hear about St Petersburg's royal history at the incomparably Special Storeroom and unique Emperor's Bath House with birch brooms, constructed especially for His Majesty. Witness the glamour and grandeur of Russian royalty and aristocracy, and gain insights into "royal life" in this immensely luxurious imperial estate.

Board your comfortable coach from your hotel and drive to Peterhof, the most famous royal suburb of St Petersburg. Start your private excursion from the Special Storeroom, amazing historical and architectural monument of 18-19 centuries. Admire the personal things of Russian Tsars, which have been kept by Peterhof's caretakers for a long time. You can see the personal jacket of Peter the Great and imagine how tall he was, see about 800 exponents of precious materials - gold, silver and gems, and admire fabulous royal jewelry, created by Faberge jewellery factory and presented to the Royal Yard.

Next, visit astonishing Grand Fountain Complex. At the center stands Rastrelli's spectacular statue of Samson wrestling the jaws of a lion. Hundreds of fountains, ornamental patterns of parterres, golden statues are real masterpieces that impress everybody who comes there. Have a rest under the ancient trees, feel unforgettable smell of roses and admire amazing gardening art of the best Russian gardeners. Visit the Tsar's lovely amusement park - Joke Fountains, including one which sprays unwary passers-by who step on a particular paving stone. In the afternoon have a traditional Russian lunch in the Park. Taste delicious Vinegret (assortment salad), traditional Russian Shchi (cabbage soup), Pozharskaya Cutlet (meat ball) with rice under mushroom sauce, tea with some sweets.

Later, make your way to the Emperor's Bath House, a special building for bathing of Emperor Family and foreign monarchs, which tells us the history of royal baths. With your knowledgeable and experienced guide explore the Tsar's life and visit unique Tsar's kitchen and learn more about favorite royal dishes. See an old Russian oven with tongs to pull out fresh fragrant bread for His Majesty and the personal vessel set of Catherine the Great.

After your roughly 7-hour tour, enjoy a drop-off back at your hotel, where your experience ends.

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