Tampa Shore Excursion: Dive with the Sharks at the Florida Aquarium

Tampa Shore Excursion: Dive With The Sharks At The Florida Aquarium

There’s no more exciting way to spend your time in port in Tampa than diving with sharks at the Florida Aquarium! This shore excursion gives you the opportunity to scuba dive with sharks, as well as eels, turtles and more, in the aquarium’s incredible Coral Reef exhibit. This experience will put you face to face with some of the ocean's top predators.

Face your fears of what lies beneath the ocean on this dive with sharks shore excursion at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa Bay. You’ll enter the Coral Reef exhibit, a 500,000-gallon (1.9-million-liter) tank filled with sharks, eels, turtles and other marine life, and spend 30 minutes scuba diving. The program is designed to dispel the myth that sharks are man-eaters and provide a better understanding of these fascinating creatures through an up-close-and-personal experience.

The program is approximately 90 minutes long, including an educational presentation about sharks and a 30-minute dive in the Coral Reef exhibit. Exit the shark cage with a qualified dive master and position yourself on the bottom of the exhibit for optimal viewing of the sharks. Family and friends will be able to watch from the exhibit gallery.

There are two dive masters in the exhibit with you and one surface tender present during all dives. This program is operated with the highest standards of recreational diving. The Florida Aquarium dive team is trained to supervise recreational diving activities by recognized scuba-training agencies. Emergency oxygen and first aid kits are onsite for all diving operations. The dive and security team have a well-practiced emergency action plan in order to handle medical emergencies. All team members are trained in the use of emergency oxygen, first aid and CPR.

Advanced reservations are required to participate in the Dive with the Sharks program; it is not available to book on the day.

Please note:
This excursion is located within a 10-minute walk to the cruise port, so you determine the time you return to your ship in Tampa. Please allow yourself ample time to enjoy the excursion and ensure your timely return to the port. This excursion is not covered by our Worry-free policy.

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