Sheps Beer Empourium

Sheps Beers of St Pete: 2000+ Beers, Ciders & Meads. Kegs Too & Locally Owned! Open 7 Days with the best selection you've ever seen!

Sheps Beer Empourium is one of the most unique places you might ever set foot in, it truly is a beer lovers “Mecca”. Shep’s is a locally owned 3000 square foot store dedicated to having the greatest selection of beers, ciders and meads. We have literally traveled around trying to find a store with a bigger or better selection, and we haven’t found it yet. We keep a constant inventory of over 2000 individual beers, and we have the largest selection of refrigerated ready to drink beers since we have over 1400 square feet of coolers!

When it comes to getting limited production, rare and hard to find beers, we should be your first stop. Because of our excellent relationships with breweries and distributors large and small, we regularly receive small allocations of rare, limited and almost impossible to find beers. Some beers, we even hold and age for over a year before releasing them for sale.

When it comes to new beers, were on top of it. We are constantly keeping up with what’s coming out soon, even having waiting lists as early as 4 months before a beer is released.
When it comes to kegs, we stock a nice selection of craft kegs all the time, but if you give us 7 days notice, we can order you almost anything that is distributed here in Florida, and we also deliver within 7 miles with a small fee and rent party pumps and keg buckets.

Come on down and see for yourself, beer is all we do, and we do it right. You’ll never be disappointed with a trip to Shep’s.

Locally owned.
2000+ Beers, Ciders & Meads.
Biggest Mix & Match Variety
Kegs Too!
Growler Filling Coming Soon!
Open 7 Days!

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