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Business owners can save money on employee related costs. Healthcare reform compliance, workers' compensation and payroll duties.PEO.Employee Leasing. ASO.

Have you heard the story about a workers' compensation claim causing a business owner to lose his business? What is your plan for health insurance reform requirements? Can you fire a woman who is pregnant? Is your wife or partner the best person to negotiate the sale of your business if you die suddenly? If you're not sure, you are not alone.

Focus on your business. Have a plan for healthcare. Have a plan for worst case scenario death or disability. Find the best plan and provider for your small business insurance needs. PEO. ASO Employee Leasing. Payroll and Benefits for groups and individuals. Tax advantaged business plans.

Are you a key man? Will your children have to pay for your care? If you're young, is your employer paying your benefits, or do you need help with an individual plan for health, life, disability or long term care?

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We work with other agents, too!Business owners are challenged to make critical choices for the benefit of the employees and ultimately their company's bottom line.

Samantha Bond is a graduate of the University of South Florida and has nearly 25 years of experience in human resources administration industry. Working with hundreds of business owners in many different industries, Ms. Bond has gained significant insight into the advantages outsourcing brings to managing human capital.

Ms. Bond is a licensed Life and Health Insurance Agent in Florida. She has extensive expertise creating and managing employee group benefit plans, as well as fulfilling insurance coverage needs for individuals including business owner life, key man, disability income and long term care.

Samantha researches partner company affiliations to make certain file information is kept up to date and accurate. This is achieved by regular calls and visits with vendors to keep the relationship fresh. Timely renewal information and notice of operational changes are required of each vendor. Ms. Bond's longevity in the industry has created an atmosphere of mutual respect and familiarity with many providors. Relationships thrive where integrity and trust are common values.

It is the business practice of Sam Bond Benefit Group to listen to the needs of each potential client company. By applying both analytical and creative thinking skills, Ms. Bond is uniquely able to recommend services of the most well suited vendor companies based on the direct value delivered to the client company.