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In the real world, you can never win, using a knife in a gun fight! At Real World Tactical, we are a veteran operated organization, based out of South Florida and provide you with real-life based firearms training. We teach you how to protect yourself and your loved ones from baddies with guns! We believe that life is not all about happy endings; but in fact, in most situations, unless you are prepared-it is the bad guy who wins. We can help you change that, by training you in skillfully using guns to save your own life and that of others, in threatening situations. Our Weapons Employment Program is an urban combat, focused firearm training curriculum- for the handgun and carbine, meant for beginners, as well as advanced shooters. We also provide a Tactical Operations program, the curriculum of which has been designed for law enforcement personnel from tactical units. This segment focuses on tactical armed confrontation scenarios, crime suppression tactics, LEO armed confrontations, and LEO armed vehicle tactics. Finally, our Specialty Courses are oriented towards fighting human predators in urban environments; and provide training in armed counter ambush vehicle tactics, besides other things. We are also tactical product distributers for the law enforcement agency, and offer consultation on product testing and evaluation.

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