Nikki Tini Designs

Unique One of a Kind Art Pieces Hand Painted: Glass, Murals, Mirrors, Furniture, Accessories, Graphics & Photography!

Custom Artwork!

I can customize my designs to commemorate for any type of occasion or event or just for that special someone.Nikki-Tini Designs clients are frequently surprised by what they receive in quality and value, while respectively keeping to budget. When a client contacts me for a project, a consultation is scheduled and ideas are exchanged. It is then back to the sketch pad to work on your sketches, colors, and sample boards. This process takes time and multiple proofs can be made until we find the right look for you. Of course every space is different, so we do start at a $25 deposit fee for longer consultations and/ or additional meetings. You will receive a mural’s artist agreement before a job is started that way you know exactly what is expected of the artist and you. Message me today about details!

*** All artwork is by hand without the use of stencils.. **

Mural Cost:
• The basic cost for a mural runs $10-$40 per square foot.
• Prices vary depending on the difficulty or intricacy of the design.
• There may be additional charges depending on working conditions such as restricted hours of operation, vaulted ceilings, cramped spaces or driving time and distance.
• Pricing includes all materials. However, certain items, such as specialized equipment or scaffolding needed to complete the job will be added to the price of the paint cost estimate.

Glass Artwork:
Each piece of art work that is on glass has been painted by hand without the use of stencils. I use a paint made specifically for glass. Each has been baked in my kitchen oven to heat set the paint into the glassware. This process makes them dishwasher safe. However, I do still recommend washing by hand with a mild detergent.

* Production time is roughly 2 weeks with you receiving your item no later then 3 weeks from date of purchase!

* Need your item sooner? Please purchase my rush order for only $15.00 to receive your item in half of the time! Need it sooner then that? Please contact me!

Any questions... please don't hesitate to message me!