Lifeworks Wellness Center

One of the leading alternative health clinics in the US. LifeWorks Wellness Center can help you regain your health. Located in Clearwater in the Tampa Bay area, Call 727-466-6789 or go to

At LifeWorks our focus is on healing and resolving the underlying cause of illness. We look at the whole body to see how it’s working, and we look for the ‘root’ of the problem. We do not do “band aid” medicine, or “cover up the symptom” medicine. We find what is really wrong with your body and handle it. There are almost always discoverable causes for chronic pain, fatigue, heart disease, diabetes, hormone problems, menopause, memory loss, sleep problems, obesity and autoimmune disease. We help you to eliminate medication and get healthy and more youthful so you can enjoy a long life with a pain free energetic body.Founded in 1997, by Dr. David Minkoff and Sue Minkoff R.N. From the very beginning the aim was to create a healing center where people could get the best medical care possible and be treated like family. Where the chronically ill person would get better, the well person could gain more youthfulness and the athlete could see soaring performance.

This aim has become a reality. And we do this routinely every day.