Keeton's Office & Art Supply

Office Supply experts, Passionate about helping artists go further with their art, Award winning customer service, Social Media influencers

Keeton's Office & Art Supply is more than just another supply store. Although their passion for what they do is celebrated, it pales in comparison to who they are as a company. They realize that people can buy office & art supplies anywhere; type in a search on google and you'll see what they mean.

The difference however lies in who they are as a company. Their "be more" culture is a commission for greatness. They want to help their employees reach their full potential as people and as professionals; to be more in their every day lives. They want to see people become passionate and purposeful in life; to be more in their gifting and talents. They want to use their resources and abilities to make a difference; to be more in their community and help those in need.

They accept the responsibility that they've been given. It's time to be more.