Gentle Yoga

Guide in meditation & healing, through thought, vibration, breath, visualization, quantum pulse, infra sauna, & magnetic force. Emphasis on nutrition.

gentle yoga~ is a beautiful connection of the mind, body & spirit.

My journey of yoga began over 20 years ago. I studied with Ganga White at White Lotus, Santa Barbra, CA, completing my 250 YT training in Hatha Yoga. I also studied at Sivinanda Ashram in India for two years.

I am second degree certified Rekei Practitioner & Wellness Consultant

I am a Certified Health Counselor, study at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Currently studying to become a Fermentationist.

"Yoga is the a journey of personal transformation."Quantum Pulse machine is here~ the only one in Sarasota!

Wellness Center

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