Feed the Big Cats

Feed The Big Cats

A picture is worth a thousand words! Feeding Time at Big Cat Rescue begins at 4:30pm and now you can come and watch the feeding of the big cats!

The cats being fed range in size from a 30 lb bobcat to an 800 lb tiger. Hear them crunch through bones like they were potato chips! While watching the feeding, you will be walking through the sanctuary with an experienced guide who will tell you about the cats you are watching being fed. During this tour you will learn about a number of the big cats, where they come from, how they live in the wild, how they were rescued from pet owners and exploitation, and what you can do to stop the abandonment and abuse.

All of the cats are fed at the same time, so even the cats who are not safe to interact with the public will be happily munching away just a few feet away. It is the best time of day to see the animals as it is their favorite time of day.

Feeding tours are limited to 20 guests.

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