Epilepsy Services Of Sw Florida

Epilepsy Services of Southwest Florida, Inc. is a non-profit health organization dedicated to the prevention and control of Epilepsy.

Direct Client Services include Case Management and Medical Services. Case Management is the center for coordination of services. Agency Case Managers meet with clients regularly to check progress regarding achievements of goals developed in the Individual Action Plan (IAP) for each client. Case Managers work with medical professionals to educate the clients about Epilepsy and their medication regimen.Epilepsy Services of Southwest Florida provides medical care to individuals who are uninsured and who do not qualify for public assistance programs like Medicaid and Medicare. This medical care is specific to their seizure disorder and includes initial office visits, medical follow along visits, diagnostic testing like EEGs, CT Scans, MRIs, blood tests and medication purchases. Without this program, these individuals would be left to utilizing the local emergency rooms for their medical care, which has proven quite costly. One visit to the Emergency Room can cost in excess of $2,500.00. These cost are borne by the local taxpayers. Epilepsy Services assists clients in moving from dependency to self-sufficiency.