Clearwater Police Department

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The Clearwater Police Department has earned a national reputation as a leader in the law enforcement field. We use a proactive policing approach to reduce crime and improve the quality of life for our citizens. We remain on the forefront of technology and continue to evolve our policing strategies and practices to adapt to changing crime trends and issues.

The standards of the Clearwater Police Department are among the highest in the nation and our officers are among the best trained. CPD is accredited by the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation (CFA), which symbolizes professionalism, excellence, and competence. CPD first became accredited in 1998 and has maintained accreditation. To achieve this, we have to demonstrate compliance and efficiency in approximately 275 rigorous law enforcement standards.

We are the third largest law enforcement agency in Pinellas County with 231 sworn police officers and 127 civilian employees; averaging over 167,000 calls for service each year.The Clearwater Police Department is divided into three divisions: Patrol, Criminal Investigations and Support Services.

The Patrol Division is responsible for the uniformed patrol functions of the department including 24-hour response to the initial investigation of crimes and incidents, traffic enforcement and control, accident investigation, anti-crime units, community policing programs, crime prevention functions, specialized operations such as SWAT and K-9, and coordination for special events. Patrol operations are divided into three geographic districts that cover the city’s 26-square miles.

The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) conducts follow-up investigations on reported violations of law. The Criminal Investigations Division includes several units which are responsible for conducting follow-up and pro-active criminal investigations. The Economic Crimes Unit investigates cases in the area of frauds, worthless documents, banking schemes, financial exploitation of the elderly, auto theft and credit card theft. The Burglary Unit investigates property crimes (residential and vehicle) and animal cruelty cases. The Robbery Unit investigates forcible taking of property from a single victim, banking business, and commercial establishment as well as aggravated assault/battery and shootings into occupied dwellings. The Homicide Unit investigates all death cases, missing persons/kidnapping (adults) and extortion by violence. The Crimes Against Children & Families Unit investigates child abuse and neglect cases, assaults and batteries against juveniles, sex crimes and missing persons under the age of 18, including adduction/kidnapping. The Vice & Narcotics investigates “street level” drug activities and participate in several local and national task forces to combat street level narcotics in the City of Clearwater.

The Support Services Division is responsible for providing budget and fiscal services, information gathering and analysis, and additional ancillary services in support of police department operations. Several functions and units fall under Support Services. The Crime Analysis Unit provides operational personnel with the identification of specific and immediate crime problems to they can be addressed in a timely fashion. Also analyzes long range crime problems and projections. Personnel and Training is responsible for the hiring and training of all department personnel. Also ensures all sworn employees receive mandatory training. Fiscal and Payroll prepares the department's employee payroll including the Extra Duty program, coordinates purchasing within the department, administers the fiscal reporting requirements for grants awarded to the department, and prepares the annual budget and other required documents. The Records Unit maintains all offense, incidents, and crash reports generated by the department, as well as providing license and permit services to the public. Also responds to public records requests for reports, information, or data held by the police department. Property and Evidence provides storage and retrieval of property and evidence placed into police custody. Also responsible for maintaining and accounting for departmental supplies and oversight of building maintenance and repair for all police facilities. Crime Scene Processing collects physical evidence at crime scenes and works closely with officers and detectives to identify, collect, and evaluate specific items of physical, as well as microscopic and biological, evidence. Police Service Technicians are non-sworn, civilian personnel who assist the department by receiving citizen information and reports by telephone. They also supports the Traffic Enforcement Team assisting in the investigation of non-criminal auto accidents, recovered property, abandoned vehicles and other non-criminal incidents. School Crossing Guards are responsible for the hiring, training, scheduling, and supervision of personnel assigned to perform School Crossing duties at more than 100 crossing posts within the City of Clearwater.