Campbell's Tutorial

Over 5,000 Students Since 1986

Campbell's Tutorial offers flexible schedules of after-school instruction for ages 5 through adult in the following areas:

Study Skills
College Prep SAT/ACT
Homework Support
WritingCampbell's Tutorial, located in the heart of Seminole, Florida, recently celebrated their twenty-fifth year. Since their inception in 1986, Campbell's has expanded from a diagnostic and remediation center to fulfill a larger need for the community. The tutorial now provides after-school instruction for students of all ages and abilities on an individualized basis.

Areas of concentration are reading (comprehension, vocabulary, and phonics), basic math through calculus, study skills, writing, and SAT/ACT preparation for college bound students. The Tutorial is a blend of basic skills and enrichment programs, with a specific intention to supplement a child's full time placement in school.

Enrolling pupils are initially tested to determine their basic skill levels. Since math and reading skills are sequential, and each skill builds on the last, Campbell's can uncover specific areas the student has not mastered. After the diagnostics are completed, an individual education plan is formulated. It is at this point that progress towards closing academic gaps begins.

Students typically attend two one hour sessions every week after school.

All teachers have been certified and have public and/or private school experience. Instruction is individualized and positive reinforcement is an underlying key to success. The Tutorial is designed to complement the county curriculum and work hand in hand with the classroom teacher.