Boutique venue and event spa, from $9 mani pedi makeover services and party all set in the Victorian era.

Bordo Saint Petersburg, Florida
Bordo a boutique venue is available for your party or for your event space. Bordo is a visual experience, a theatrical set in the Victorian era. Our boutique venue is an antique spa. Examples of events and parties you can book Bordo: 1. Runway Party: Invite your girl friends for a full makeover and you can walk on the runway. You'll get a pro video and photos of your show. 2. Strawberry Nails: book Bordo for your kids for a mani-pedi parti. Strawberry nails, glitters or whatever they dream of. 3. Afternoon Tea Party: Invite your friends and enjoy some Earl Gray tea and scones at the our London set. Bordo is a perfect place to prepare you and your bridemades for your Big Day and it is a unique Victorian scene for your ceremony and party, also offers a sophisticated version to a board meeting. These are just a few examples of our themed events but there's no limits of your imagination that we can't do.

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