Big Cat Rescue Day Tour

Big Cat Rescue Day Tour

Day TourMeet 100+ exotic cats representing 15 species of wild cat. This is a walking tour. All Cat-a-tats (enclosures) are 1200 square feet to 3 acres of lush tropical landscaping for each of the cats. The tour path winds through 45 acres of these enclosures so that you can stand 3 feet from leopards, lions, tigers and more.

Every tour is different than the one before because of the vast number of big cats and all of the things they find to do to amuse themselves. The volunteers spend a lot of time creating enrichment for the cats so that they have something new to play with and you get to watch as they check out a new scent toy or frolic around chasing ice balls. Look up into the trees and see cats sleeping or peek into underground dens and notice glowing eyes peeking back at you.

Your guide will tell you about each species in the wild and the threats and challenges they face for survival. Most of the cats rescued were formerly pets because of the poor laws and lack of information available that would prevent people from making such a big mistake. Find out why it never works out for the person or the cat when you see for yourself that they all spray. Your guide will tell you when you are in a spray zone and when to run!

Kids Tour
Enjoy a tour specifically geared towards the "under 10's". Get an up-close look at the workings of Big Cat Rescue, and learn about the exotic cats and the other animals that reside here. This tour lasts for approximately one hour.Your guide will know all the fun facts that you will want to share with your friends. Strollers are allowed, but the terrain is dirt. There are barricades around all of the enclosures to keep little ones out of harm’s way, but parents must keep their children under control.

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