Beautiful Streamers

Transforming Energy and Space

Beautiful Streamers is moving art... always moving, always changing. Created by Robin Denman, a Shamanic artist, Beautiful Streamers can transform an empty dead space into a loving creation of energy. A place that truly reflects the essence and loving energy that is you.

Using 100 percent top quality silk for our indoor streamers and long lasting nylon for our outdoor streamers, each Streamer is different and unique to itself, professional and individually hand crafted and hand dyed using ....acid dyes. We use a variety of vibrant colors and can custom our streamers to your space and needs.

Change your outside world to change your inside work and bring awareness of energy to change you life by the use of colors and movement.

Our streamers can be seen at festivals, concerts, art studios, local businesses and numerous other places in the southern United States.

Contact us now for information about changing your world thru the use of color and movement.

We also offer breath work, one on one or groups. Professional trained by Dr. Judith Kravitz , Robin can help you navigate a rewarding and relaxing experience thru breathing.