Spring is Coming! (Sponsored)

Spring is Coming! (Sponsored) spring 2014

Spring is Coming! Scotts Shares Plenty of Reasons to Love Your Lawn (Sponsored)


Everyone agrees that a lush green lawn provides a fantastic place to have fun in the warmer months, but did you know that a responsibly maintained lawn is a great choice for the environment? Lawns oxygenate the air, filter groundwater and absorb nutrients. They contain soil erosion and absorb more carbon dioxide than trees. Well-fed lawns even make your home a more enjoyable place; lawns reduce heat in your home by cooling the air and reduce traffic noise by dampening sound.


A responsibly cared-for lawn can improve not just the curb appeal of your home, but the quality of your life. Florida residents, visit Scotts.com/Florida to learn backyard tips and techniques for keeping a healthy lawn while also protecting our natural waterways, as well as find out ways Scotts is helping along the way.

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